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"What really motivated me was when I made my first big sale... $500 for one track..."

When I made my first $100 It felt good. Even though it wasn't a lot
of money, it was a step in the right direction. I managed to stay #1 Top Seller on a beat site and won every "Monthly Contest" they had. It was in December 2005 when I opened up www.BigBoyTrakz.net to expand my online production beat selling. By the end of 2005 beginning of 2006 I had sold over 600 Beats online.

What really motivated me was when I made my first big sale, $500 for one track. I was shocked. Never thought in a million years I could make that much off one track that took me less than a one hour to make. I thank God for giving me the power to do what I do. When I came to Rocbattle that gave me even more exposure than what I already had. My cliental grew tremendously in 2006.

Now Ranked #1 at Rocbattle, it's a crazy feeling. One highlight for me in 2007 was when I was contacted by an up and coming artist by the name of "Soulja Boy." He had rapped over one of my beats. I can now say a Grammy nominated artist graced a "BigBoyTraks" Production.
Soulja Boy

I just tell people stay humble and give God thanks for what he has given to us, which is the POWER to do anything we put our minds to. To this point I have sold over a 1,000 Beats Online!!

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