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Even as it gets harder and harder to make it big as a music producer in the music industry selling beats, producers are making their way online as independent businessmen and women. More and more are using the options the Internet provides and finding success without the big name record labels. As the death of one Industry continues to die slow, the Internet is helping many producers build steady income. Only problem is so many producers do not know how to capitalize on this great opportunity.

So what are your options to sell beats online?

The Internet just continues to grow and with its growth comes options that are untapped for the independent producer to explore. So many producers have proved the internet can provide steady streams of income if approached the right way. With that said, let us look at a few ways you can be more successful when you attempt to sell beats online.

First Option - It is a must to stay connected to community websites. Community websites like Rocbattle.com, Mybeatshop, MySpace, Sounclick and others are popular on the Internet and draw many beat buyers. These sites are established and if used the right way can help you build your own brand quickly.

Too many producers focused on the entertaining factors of these websites but failed to operate like their own individual businesses. This is a huge mistake. Being the owner of Rocbattle, I see many producers who conduct business wrong and market themselves poorly. As a result, they suffer and often time blame the website for not bringing them beat buyers.

Second Option - It is a must to brand and established your own website. Nowadays it is very inexpensive to maintain your own personal website. With this in place, you are now able to build your brand and maintain your new clients who found you on the big named websites. This option is very important. You build a name for your self away from the big website and you can have direct clientele come to you. Once you are established, this is one of the best options. Plus, if you can draw enough beat buyers to your site, you can offer other producers an opportunity to get paid with you.

So many producers invest thousands on their equipment and spend hours building up their beat library. However, most fail to sell beats online becuase they spend little money in establishing their own website and building their own brand.

Third option – Even though there are tons more options to explore, I will briefly touch on this option to sell beats online. It is incentive-based marketing. If you think you have to be the only one selling your beats online, you are sadly mistaking. With this option, you completely leverage your efforts and time by paying others commission to get beat sales for you. They market your beats with affiliate links and banners. When beat sales are made by the traffic sent, you simply pay the agreed commission.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to double or triple your sales. However, 95% of music producers on the internet never take advantages of this strategy. It may be for the fact that a large percentage of them do not know it exist or they do not know how to set an affiliate program up for their own website.

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